Friday, June 13, 2008

Time's Up!
We have winners in the Celebrate Summer Giveaway!
Thanks to everyone who took the time to post about me and enter the contest! Starting my business has been such an amazing blessing, and people like YOU are who are helping me to build it! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your entries!
I decided to shake things up a little and pull out the old pen and paper to choose my winners! Each person who entered had their name written on a slip of paper.
Congratulations to Nicole, who had the most entries! She referred FOUR people! Nicole, you will receive four sidebar buttons for your blog!

The Van Fam, Amy, LL, and The Etters also had more than one entry

The names in the bowl, waiting to be drawn!

Mixing them up. Gotta make sure this is fair!
Winner #1- Amy will receive a FREE basic blog design and one for a friend!

And since so many of you entered..I decided to give away a couple more prizes!!!

Winner #2- Jason and Lis will receive a free basic blog design for their blog!

Winner #3- Angel will receive four free sidebar buttons for her blog

Thanks to everyone who I entered! I really appreciate it. And to show my appreciation, everyone who entered and would like to purchase a design will get $5 off any blog design! That means the Basic design would be $20, Deluxe would be $30 and Supreme would be $45. If you're interested in taking me up on this offer, let me know! If you're a winner, shoot me an email. pinkarmchairdesigns{at}


The Van Fam said...

Yea...I am glad you had a good turn out! Even though I didn't win, I want to order one still!!! I will send an email your way!

Angel said...

Yay! I won! I didn't even know!