Thursday, June 19, 2008

This has been a crazy week! I always thought things were supposed to slow down during the summer, but I guess the opposite is true here at Pink Armchair Designs! Sunday night my hard drive crashed and I lost EVERYTHING. It was horrid. The good news is that a get a new laptop out of it! My new pink Dell will be arriving mid-July. Of course I'll take some pictures when she gets here (unfortunately I won't have any other pictures on my computer since they're all gone.) The bad news is that I have to pay for the laptop. Ugh.

I want to give a HUGE things to Kim at The Digichick and to Krista and Designs by Krista. These incredible ladies had mercy on me and let me re-download all the kits I had for FREE! This would've been very costly if I'd had to buy them all again, so I am forever grateful. After re-downloading I spent the majority of Monday getting everything in order and I've been working hard since then trying to get caught up on orders.

Here are a few designs I've done this week. I have several more ready to be installed, so I'll post those once they're up and running! One thing I love about doing custom design is that it's all about the blogger! All my designs aren't necessarily things I'd choose, but whatever the blogger wants, I do. You can see that all three of these designs are very different from each other. Click on the designs to see their sites.

(No link to the design below. I did this one as a birthday gift for a friend's daughter. I don't think her mom would want everyone looking at it!)

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