Saturday, May 10, 2008

Contest Winners

Contest time is up and I have the results...after the break!

Just kidding. Don't you hate it when Ryan Seacrest does that? I do. Thanks so much to everyone who linked me on their blogs and commented! I really appreciate it, especially from those of you who I've already done a blog design for. Since we had over 20 entries, I'm giving away three designs!

Here's how I came up with the winners. I took everyone who entered the contest and gave them a number. Here they are:

Blog Design Contest Entries
1. Jenna Lee *
2. Jennifer #1*
3. Jacquie
4. Leslie
5. Kerri*
6. Stephanie
7. Holly
8. Carissa *
9. Jeanette
10. Meg
11. The Morgans
12. Abby
13. Lindsay *
14. Estela *
15. Blaire
16. The Halls*
17. Team Sherman*
18. Tiffany
19. Mindy
20. Britney
21. Jennifer #2*
22. Laura*
23. Chris
24. Kakie*
25. LL*

(The asterisks indicate people who I've never done a design for. That was just for my information.)

Then, I entered numbers 1-25 into You can see below the three numbers that came up. If you squint really hard, that is.

The numbers are 5, 6, and 16.

That means, our winners are...Kerri, Stephanie, and The Halls! Kerri and The Halls- you will get a free design now! Stephanie, you can save yours and redeem it in the future or do your own giveaway with it on your site! Email me to claim your prizes!

For everyone who entered and did not win, you're still winners! Instead of giving $3 off a design order, I'm giving you $5 off! $18 for a complete custom blog design is absolutely unbeatable. Get your orders in today! Email me at to place your order.

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The Little Window Shoppe said...

It's nice to learn a little about you. Great designs. I am just stopping by from Mommyfest to say hi. Have a wonderful day.