Monday, April 14, 2008

My first logo!

My friend Gayle asked me to do a t-shirt design for her upcoming moving/unpacking party. I did a few different designs, but this was the one she decided on! The "G" on each box is her personal logo that she uses, and the "Dove Tail" and "Est. May 2008" have significance in her move as well. You can see Gail and her dog Monty over to the side. Generally I do my designs in color, but she requested black and white for printing purposes. If anyone else is interested in t-shirt design, logos or other graphics, or stationery using these little people (designed to look like YOU, of course,) let me know!


Anonymous said...

I know Gayle is your friend but otherwise I hope you start charging to do the rest!!!
Very cute!

PhotoMom said...

I seriously need a logo for my biz...'s been yea r now, and I still don't have if you're ever bored...LMK..I was thinking a Christian themed photography logo?!