Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Monday morning, everyone! I'm about halfway through my original list of orders. I was hoping to be completely through with it by now, but last week was just an extremely stressful week and I didn't get to do nearly as many as I'd have liked. Stress and my body do not go well together, so I can only do so much in those stressful times without totally pushing myself over the edge. I SO wish that blog designing was my full time job so that I could devote more time to it. But alas, it is not.

If I've contacted you about your blog (even if it was several weeks ago,) you ARE on the list, and I will get to you soon! Thank you for your patience! If you've contacted me and I haven't emailed back, I will reply as soon as I get this list of orders taken care of. I'm not ignoring you!

(Okay, well, if we're going to get really technical about it, I guess I am ignoring you, but please know that your emails aren't being unnoticed. I'm just not replying until I get these done!)

***The first person to comment on this post will get added to the list for a FREE blog design immediately!***


CaliTexan said...

Hi Jenny. I think your blog designs are fabulous. I am a new blogger and was referred to your site by my sister-in-law. We are always checking your site to see the new designs you've finished. I think its awesome how you give each design a personal touch. Keep up the great work!!!

Jennifer said...

I found your blog from Fabulous K and love your work! I thought I was first...but then I saw the comment moderation so I am sure I'm not first! Anyway, your work is great and I would love to be "on your list" when you are able to add more!

Anonymous said...

if you design me a blog, i'll start blogging!!!!!!!!!! :)

sarah fears!!!!!!!!

PhotoMom said...

maybe blog design WILL be your full time job...sooner than you think!

Leslie said...

Even though I already have my fabulous design from you I keep checking back to see what you have come up with. You are doing an amazing job! There's not a single design I don't like. They look really great.