Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WOW! That's really all I have to say. Thanks to Kelly at Fabulous K Designs, I woke up this morning to a FULL mailbox! Well, not technically full, as Yahoo! has no limit, but you know what I mean. And the emails just keep coming in! This is amazing! I've done quite a few designs, but I've never had so many orders come in all in one day. I suppose FREE is quite the incentive. I could charge, but I like to do it for free. I just ask that as payment, you give me a shout-out on your blog, and that you pass the kindness onto someone else! (I do, however, accept gift cards. Just kidding...kind of.) :)

I'll be replying to everyone who has emailed me so far, but just in case it takes me awhile to get back to you, I'm including here a list of the information I need. The sooner I get this info, the sooner I can start on your design. If you read this and you've already emailed me, please go ahead and send me this info. At this point, with all of the orders/emails I've received, it will probably take me up to a couple of weeks to get all of your headers done. Of course, I design in the order received.

Here is what I need to know:
-your blog address
-title and subtitle of your blog
-picture(s) you'd like included
-colors you'd like to see in your design
-patterns (polka dots, swirls, floral, etc) you'd like
-things you DON'T like- colors and patterns especially

The more information you give me, the better I can design your blog especially for YOU! Be as specific as possible. Feel free to pick out one or two of the designs I've done that you really like and let me know. That gives me some direction as to your personal style.

I'm looking forward to doing all of these designs! Thanks for trusting me with your blog! :)


Fabulous K said...

YAY! I am so glad you are getting such a great response. YOU ROCK =)

JJ said...

Hi Jenny--just making sure my email didnt go into your spam folder. It's from "JJ". Let me know if you didnt catch it and Ill re-email.

Thanks so much!