Monday, March 31, 2008

It's been a busy week, but I've made good headway on the orders I've gotten. If you've emailed me with a new order in the past week and I haven't responded, it's not because I haven't gotten it. It will still be about another week or so before I begin taking orders again. I'll post when I'm ready for more orders, and I'll respond to the emails I've gotten when I'm done with all of these. Thanks to everyone for ordering, encouraging, and advertising! While everything I'm doing right now is free, I hope to someday turn Pink Armchair Designs into a real, live business! If anyone knows anything about starting a business, I'd love some advice!

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Anonymous said...

I agree you should start a business and I can say I knew you when...kinda :)
I can't give you advice on starting a business but I agree you should go that way!!! Looking forward to all the new designs!
Good Luck...