Saturday, March 22, 2008

I will not be accepting any new orders for the next two weeks. I have way too many right now that I need to tackle! If you have already emailed me, I will definitely honor your order. If you haven't yet sent me your design preferences, please do that ASAP!

Keep checking back for an entry from me letting you know that you may place orders again!

Also, to those of you who have placed your orders, I just want to let you all know that I will be installing the blog headers as well as designing them. I've had a couple people who have wanted to install themselves, which I understand. In fact, it makes it easier on me. However, I like to link all of the blogs I've designed and I don't feel comfortable linking to blogs that I have not done personal installation on. Basically, this involves you giving me your blogger login info so I can have brief access to your html. I delete all information as soon as I have installed, and you are free to change your password once I am done. I've installed 20 blog designs so far, and I don't think anyone has had any problems with me hacking back into their accounts or anything. :) Thanks, blog friends!

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